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Inauguration of hydro power station Metzeral / Alsace, France

The formal inauguration of the hydro power station “Metzeral”  was celebrated with an open day on June 27th. Many hydro-interested visitors from the region, as well as politicians and industry representatives attended the ceremony when the start button was pushed and the W&B crossflow turbine began to turn. This power station was built exceptionally eco-friendly. […]

Modernisation and revision of the power plants on the upper Danube

W&B received the order for revision and modernization of the hydro power plant Gundelfingen at the river Danube Ordering party is the “Obere Donau Kraftwerke AG (ODK) with it’s plant operating company BEW (Bayrische Elektrizitätswerke GmbH) Augsburg, Germany. Two vertical Voith Kaplan turbines were installed in the power station Gundelfingen in 1964. The two identical […]