Wiegert & Bähr aided KIT- students

This year we were happy to donate the engagement of a group of students from the „Engineers Without Borders – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology e.V.” in their project in Sri Lanka.

The project concerns the installation of a so called Aquaponik facility, optimizing fish-farming and crop-production in a cycle. Development and design of the facility will be autonomously provided by 33 students from different branches of study. The facility will be erected in cooperation with local partners.

Amongst several new jobs the Aquaponik facility will extend the spectrum of food supply to the people in one of the poorest areas of Sri Lanka, which so far was formed by single-based food.

Start of erection of the plant is scheduled for march 2018

All donations will be used exclusively for locally purchased material. Entire expenditures for flights and accommodation will be borne by the students themselves.

For more information follow the links and see enclosures


03 Projektbeschreibung      Flyer 2017