Modernisation and revision of the power plants on the upper Danube

W&B received the order for revision and modernization of the hydro power plant Gundelfingen at the river Danube

Ordering party is the “Obere Donau Kraftwerke AG (ODK) with it’s plant operating company BEW (Bayrische Elektrizitätswerke GmbH) Augsburg, Germany.

Two vertical Voith Kaplan turbines were installed in the power station Gundelfingen in 1964. The two identical turbines with a runner diameter of 4’180 mm produce an output of 7’350 kW at a discharge of 210 m³/s.

In the mechanic-concerned part of the order revision of the guide vane assembly and the shaft bearing are included, as well as the modernization of the hydraulic turbine governor with adaptation of the runner adjustment system and a new high pressure servomotor.

The complete monitoring, supervision, and automatization of the turbine equipment will be modernized together with the wear control by KIMA Automatisierungs GmbH, Gronau, Germany.

W&B is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with ODK and BEW after completion of the works in spring 2016, as it is intended to continue the modernization on the other 5 powerstations of ODK as well, which are Offingen, Faimingen, Günzburg, Leipheim and Oberelchingen.