Energy Recovery in Drinking Water Systems

For energy recovering in drinking water supply systems, hydro turbines have been established for years mainly for larger power output. For economical reasons smaller units had been provided with reverse running pumps.

Unfortunately reverse running pumps offer acceptable efficiencies only in a very limited head- and flow range. To make use of the benefits of a turbine  instead of a reverse running pump, Wiegert & Bähr have developed a series of special Pelton turbines for drinking water applications. With these turbines it will be possible to gain back energy economically even in the range significantly below a hundreds of kilowatt. As a matter of fact these small turbines are  produced totally in accordance with the world wide respected Wiegert & Bähr quality standards.

Together with their well established Francis turbines , Wiegert & Bähr cover the complete range of drinking water applications from a few kilowatt only to the megawatt range.