On 30 September 2023, Wiegert und Bähr Turbinen- und Stahlwasserbau set off to visit the hydropower plant in Wyhlen on the High Rhine.
We were warmly welcomed by our long-standing customer, the Energiedienst Group.

After a little refreshment and a presentation by Mr Thomas Kohlbrenner and Mr Kistner from Energiedienst, we were then given a tour of the inside of the Wyhlen hydroelectric power plant.

Mr Thomas Kohlbrenner and Mr Kistner provided the inquisitive visitors with detailed information about the more than 100-year-old hydropower plant and the state-of-the-art power-to-gas plant, which is used to produce green hydrogen at the Wyhlen site.

After the tour, there were burgers for everyone for lunch.
Many thanks to the BBQ friends Rauchzeichen from Bremgarten. The burgers were delicious.

In the afternoon, the bus travelled back home.
A beautiful Oktoberfest-style ambience awaited us at the Linde Oberachern.
With a delicious buffet, drinks, music and good humour, we rounded off a beautiful and eventful day.

Wiegert & Bähr would like to thank the Energiedienst Group, in particular Mr Thomas Kohlbrenner and Mr Kistner, for their expertise, openness and hospitality.